Ballylisk The Triple Rose

Ballylisk The Triple Rose

Buttery, rich, triple cream cheese with light citrus notes and a decadent melting texture.

Made by The Wright family near Portadown the secret to this beautiful cheese is the milk, from their own well-loved herd. The cows are milked at 5:30 am and then by 9 am their milk is being crafted into delicious cheese.



Pasturised cows milk, starter cultures, animal rennet, salt



Cow's Milk

Vegetarian Rennet


Shelf life: Once opened, used whitin 3 days

  • About Ballylisk

    The Wright family have been farming in Armagh since 1820. Dean became interested in Cheesemaking in 2015 and sought out the expertise of Loughry College Food technology centre. Taking what he learned there he developed the award winning ballylisk triple rose. He makes cheese every day and continues to work with Loughry College developing new ideas. The secret to their delicious cheese is their beautiful milk, Dean and his dad Jim milk the cows on their farm in the morning and the milk and by lunchtime has been transformed and is well on its way to becoming the beautiful creamy cheese we know and love. A firm favourite with our team this cheese pairs beautifully and rounds out any cheeseboard with its decadent rich flavour and buttery texture.