Fig and Jamine - 70% raw chocolate with figs & jasmine flowers (85g)

Fig and Jamine - 70% raw chocolate with figs & jasmine flowers (85g)

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‘Fig & Jasmine’ was inspired by walking through the hills of Catalonia in Spain and noticing fresh figs and jasmine flowers growing together in abundance. We listened to this hint from nature and fused the aromatic fragrance of jasmine flowers and the honeyed sweetness of whole figs with our raw chocolate. What slowly emerged from this alchemy was a very special bar of chocolate with a heady and enchanting balance of flavours inspired by nature.

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Dates, Figs, Cacao Butter, Coconut, Jasmine Flowers

(May contain nut traces)

Cacao Solids: 70%, 1 Bar: 85g

Store cool and dry, out of direct sunlight (not in the refrigerator)

  • About Gemini Chocolate

    You take the best base ingredients and treat them with respect to create something precious and rare. It was this magical spark that ignited Gemini founder Samuel Chandler’s interest in chocolate.

    The journey began when Sam, a former musician from Brighton, moved back to Yorkshire and discovered a true and genuine interest in nutrition and healthy eating. From this growing passion, he discovered the impressive health benefits of the mysterious cacao bean. Gemini was then born from this simple question – why does chocolate have a reputation for being unhealthy when the cacao bean is so healthy?

    The short answer is that the overuse of sugar, dairy, refined vegetable oils, emulsifiers and processing techniques not only hide the intoxicating complex flavour notes of the cacao bean, but also it’s health benefits.


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