New York Deli Rye  800g

New York Deli Rye 800g

With caraway seeds, this loaf made by Fingal's bakery with 50% rye flour and 50% white flour is quite unique in its way when it comes to flavour.   



Rye flour,  Wheat flour, caraway, water, sea salt, may contain traces of sesame



Rye flour, Wheat


Shelf life:

Production date + 4 days
Delivery date + 3 days
Store ambient, in a cool dry place.

  • About Fingal's Bakery

    At Fingal's bakery, they bake the best quality bread fresh every day... from Sourdough to Soda Bread and gluten free varieties, they have a loaf for everyone! In their opinion you can't go wrong with a delicious piece of bread, whether it's covered in hummus, dunked in soup or simply served with a little butter!