Oleum Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

Oleum Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

The organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil OLEUM CRETE comes from the Messara valley in southern Crete it is a Protected Destination of Origin product ( Messara P.D.O.).

Our olive oil is cold-pressed (extracted) and produced from organic olive trees of the olive variety “Koroneiki”.

Organic Greek olive oil with acidity 0.3%!

Our organic cold pressed olive oil has always had a level of acidity of approximately 0.3%

The closer to 0% acidity level the higher quality of olive oil is produced!

About 80% of Greece's olive oil, is extra virgin olive oil!

It has a distinctive flavour, a bitter and piquant taste, due to the early harvesting of the olives.

Variety: 100% Koroneiki olive

Pressing conditions: Cold extraction, malaxation temperature up to 27 °C, malaxation time up to 40 minutes.

Colour: Golden green

Flavour: Piquant and Fruity

  • About the Helenic Deli

    The Hellenic Deli focus on authentic and traditional Greek products including delicious flavoursome unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, unfiltered raw honey and raw honeycomb, fruity olives, aromatic herbs and more.

    The deli industry has seen a resurgence particularly with the well-known benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

    Our company’s strengths include our intimate knowledge of our products, familiarity and knowledge of the internet and our close contacts with our suppliers.

    We aim to provide our customers with a variety of high-quality products sourced from local independent growers in Greece, who take a great deal of pride and care with their products.