Raw Greek Blossom Honey 450g

Raw Greek Blossom Honey 450g

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Flavour: Mild but rich blossom flavour, with herbs.

Produced by our friend, Thomas and his family in mainland Greece, just about 2 hrs North of Athens. Thomas is a 3rd generation bee-keeper, learned everything from his father and granddad.

Our Greek Raw Blossom Honey is fantastic quality, perfect match with greek yoghurt or just on a hot toast.

Greek Blossom Honey is a multi-floral variety.

The colour of blossom honey is golden when liquid, light beige when it is crystallized, it has a mild blossomy flavour with herbal notes.
For our blossom honey, the bees collected the nectars of the native wildflowers and herbs of the Greek countryside. Its composition is very versatile due to a large number of different flowers and herbs, high in minerals and enzymes.

Origin: Wilderness of Mainland Greece

  • About Raw Artisan Honey

    Raw Artisan Honey started in 2013 when we (myself Tamas and my fiancée Andrea) visited our good friend Csaba, who is a beekeeper in Hungary. He is a passionate beekeeper and looks after his bees like they were his children. This level of care and commitment has resulted in his exceptional quality raw honey. We have been buying his honey for over 10 years now, and we have always loved it. Ever since we lived here in the UK we have brought it back with us after trips home. Somehow the taste and smells keep reminding us of our childhood, those breakfasts, cakes and other lovely stuff made with this fantastic gift of nature. When our friends started to ask about the honey, we started bringing back more for them as Christmas gifts or for other occasions. The feedback has always been great, and after a while, we were asked to bring even more. It didn’t take long to realise that people love the quality and the philosophy behind the artisan honey.

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