Raw Linden (Lime Blossom) Honey   - 220g

Raw Linden (Lime Blossom) Honey - 220g

Raw Linden Honey is a Mono-floral Honey.

Linden honey has a history of 1000s of years. The Linden or Lyme Blossom tree called in many civilisations as the tree of life. This honey is one of the best, a unique taste, fragrant and spiced. The colour is from yellow to light brown.

Health benefits of Raw Linden Honey

It has many health benefits, advised to take 3-4 teaspoons every day. It's a traditional remedy for cold and coughing. Good for reducing anxiety, and a few teaspoons before bedtime could help insomnia. The flowers of Linden traditionally used for herbal teas, this tea is a natural cough remedy, it is advised to drink it with Linden Honey to enhance the effect.

Good to know: Linden Honey can crystallise with time, but this is a natural process of the honey and it does not affect the quality. If you prefer runny honey just place the jars in warm water (max 40C) or put it on the radiator and it will return to its runny form. Never microwave Raw Honey!

Origin: North West Hungary, the Danube region

  • About Raw Artisan Honey

    Raw Artisan Honey started in 2013 when we (myself Tamas and my fiancée Andrea) visited our good friend Csaba, who is a beekeeper in Hungary. He is a passionate beekeeper and looks after his bees like they were his children. This level of care and commitment has resulted in his exceptional quality raw honey. We have been buying his honey for over 10 years now, and we have always loved it. Ever since we lived here in the UK we have brought it back with us after trips home. Somehow the taste and smells keep reminding us of our childhood, those breakfasts, cakes and other lovely stuff made with this fantastic gift of nature. When our friends started to ask about the honey, we started bringing back more for them as Christmas gifts or for other occasions. The feedback has always been great, and after a while, we were asked to bring even more. It didn’t take long to realise that people love the quality and the philosophy behind the artisan honey.

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