Real Earl Grey tea 100g

Real Earl Grey tea 100g

Bergamot oil from the citrus fruit grown in the Calabria district in Italy had become popular in the 18th and 19th centuries as a flavouring for gin and snuff. It was brought to Joseph Banks attention who is known to have experimented with flavourings. He is credited with adding it to tea, and it was most likely given the name Earl Grey, since he was the popular Prime Minister of the time. We started scenting our Real Earl Grey in-house in the summer of 2015. This ensures that it is always freshly scented. We use a natural bergamot oil resulting in a more citrusy taste. OUR BEST SELLING FRESH LOOSE TEA!!

  • Type: Black Scented Tea
  • Country of Origin: Kenya/ England
  • Water temperature: 100° C
  • Infuse for: 3-5 mins.
  • About Bergamia Tea

    Hello, we are Bergamia Tea, a small company selling loose leaf tea. We specialise in Earl Grey tea, our award winning (Great Taste 2018) ‘Real Earl Grey’ is always freshly scented in small batches for an extra special taste!

    We hand blend our unique ‘English Breakfast‘ tea and other popular House Blends. All our teas are selected, tasted and hand packed by us and you can purchase them online, at farmers' markets & events across Kent, Surrey & London or by telephone.

    Other favourites include Lazy Green Tea, Balham Blend, No Ordinary Jasmine, Burmese Green Tea, English Peppermint, award winning (Great Taste 2017) Moroccan Mint Blend & more.


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