Peri Peri Sauce 250ml

Peri Peri Sauce 250ml

Traditionally from Portugal by way of Africa, we are often told that ours is better than another well known brand. Using Scotch Bonnet chillies, it is certainly hot but also packed with flavour (the oregano comes from South America). Fantastic on anything headed for the BBQ or under the grill, it also adds a kick to chillies and curries. On its own goes great with a strong cheddar!

  • About The Chilli Pig

    Chris Guthrie and Roxanne Jefferies started The Chilli Pig in August 2010 in their kitchen in Bromley. Chris had been made redundant from the higher education sector and they decided to use his redundancy package to begin making artisan sauces and relishes with an emphasis on products that were tasty and slightly quirky.

    Chris (a native of Cork, Ireland) and Roxanne (a native of NYC) wanted to create a range of products that only contained natural ingredients and avoided the use of additives and preservatives.

    The range of products displayed on this website is a selection of the products they make and they hope to make more available over time.

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